Hello support @ google.com

I have been asking for your help with hackers. My most recent problem is that I cannot do any editing on my blogger. Most all of the options for desiging and arranging were already removed. Now, aLL I can do is click to author a new blog, and it will publish, and that is it !!!

I cannot edit it, I only get a ROM hand scanning the surfaCE AND NOT A BLINKING CURSOR THAT WILL Allow me to erase and retype or correct.

Now, I am publishing this complaint on my blogger. ALL my managing functions have been stolen or blocked on my “Chagrinning” blogger, I cannot get any editing mode to open and while typing in this new post, the screen turns off the scroll arrows for the text block and I cannot go up and down through my text to check or add info.

I am clearly being sabotaged, censored and violated with criminal activity !!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe it is the “Spreadsheet Team” on the gmail service provider side or the staff or share teams at the Carneigie Public Library, Pittsburgh, PA, where I am working from. They have destroyed several of my personal storage discs, trying to interfere, censor and pledgarize my work. But, I don’t see how there crimes could leave my functions erased on my blog site. My email address is reply2dn@gmail.com and my blog id named “Chagrinning”.

If anyone reads this, will you please forward a copy of it to the complaint dept. at google, g-mail and the FBI internet surveilance teams.

Thank you,
Dawn Naret’Labels:


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