Forwarded Conversation Subject: Re: CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS PROTECTION PATH ————————From: PA Senator Jay Costa <> To: reply2dn@gmail.comDate: Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 2:52 PM 

Dear Ms. Naret:Thank you for contacting me to relate your thoughts regarding cigarettes and the current effort to ban smoking in public places in Pennsylvania.  I appreciate your interest in seeing cigarettes made without additives so that they would be less addictive and more healthful for all who encounter them.  I regret, however, that the Commonwealth does not have the power to regulate the contents of cigarettes.  Regulating products that are traded in interstate commerce, as cigarettes are, is the exclusive purview of the federal government.  I encourage you to contact those who represent you in the U.S. Congress to relate your thoughts on this issue to them, since they are in a better position to address your concerns.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me about this issue.  Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you in any way. Sincerely yours, Senator Jay Costa, Jr. 43rd District JC/ jlg

——– From: Dawn Naret’ <> To: PA Senator Jay Costa <>Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 4:19 PM 

June 15, 2007 My Dear, Honorable Most Kind and Gracious Senator Costa, I greatly appreciated the beautiful, informative letter of response to my request for tobacco companies to bear the burden of smoking dangers and stop putting additives into the tobacco. I do not feel it is constitutionally permissible to burden the smokers with extra taxes, personal inconvenience of being socially segregated, banished to the outside of buildings or the terrible immediate inconvenience to OUR health while forced outside in bad weather or unhygienic surroundings with no seating.  If you cannot stop the problem at the manufacturers point, then please do your best to stop the abuse toward smokers, suffering these discriminations and stripping of our constitutional rights to consume a legal product, without hiding behind closed doors in our home.  The paranoia level of the constantly expanding demands and new ordinances has become a career pulpit for the leaders of smoke-free America. They won’t stop coming up with new demands and inconveniences until they finally snap, in psychiatric breakdown or retire.  Are you aware that there have already been instances, IN THE COURTS, where children have been removed from their parents homes, because the parents smoke!!! And I heard that a new idea they have is to ban smoking in personal cars !!!!  These people are clearly conducting a witch hunt and have delusions of granduer that they are NOT the ones who are the witches. I DISAGREE !!! I have tried to work with these people and I cannot understand how any human can be so inconsiderate and cruel to another human. How could you banish someone, into the snow and not feel guilt that they are out there, in the cold ?? I could not live with myself, unless I provided a warm, comfortable room for them, EQUAL to my own comfort requirement. It it not constitutional to do otherwise!   I ask you in all desperate need of protection for my rights and my personal safety, from the witches, to:  Please vote an unchangable NO_NO_NO !! on Bill 246 this month. Thank you,  Dawn Naret’,P.O. Box 2315, Pittsburgh,Pa, 15230-2315 SENATOR COSTA EARNED A VERSE IN MY JANIS JOPLIN PARADITTY (SUNG TO THE TUNE OF “OH LORD CAN YOU BUY ME….) BECAUSE OF GIVING US ATTENTION EQUALLY AS HIS CONSTITUENTCY WITH NO FAVORTISM.  Oh Lord,  won’t you buy me-e-e, one of Jay Costa’s hairs?The soul of an angel, is woven right in thar…I trust him for safety and protectin my cares, Cause he’s Italian, a fightin stallion,  a no non-sense senator….YEAH !!!   


Oh Lord, Can you buy me-e-e-e a wireless laptop?

My friends all have pent-yums I can’t compete with that!

Work hard all my lifetime just typin out slop…

Oh Lord!!!!! Can you buy me-e-e-e a wireless Laptop?

 Oh Lord, can you buy me-e-e, a Mercedes Benz…?

My friends all drive HumVees, with camouflage Thong Pants…..

I’m TIRED of tryin’ ta fit in-n-n…I need a size “Tent”….

So Oh Lord!!! justa’ gimme’ back my old baby blue Benz!!!

Oh Lord, can you buy me-e-e a hard-body gym…?

My twins both get itchy …from scrapin’ my belt rim…

I tried tyin’ a square knot…so nobodied’ know…

 But now their backwards…ore’r my shoulders ! And don’t match my clothes!!!

 Oh Lord! Can you buy me-e-e, a plasma TV….

my olt’ one’s got neemia…and squalks like my C.B. I wait for delivery…each day until three…

 But now I’m homeless!…Got no address…So they say they can’t find me!….

 Oh Lord! Won’t you buy me-e-e, one of George Dubya’s socks…

His sweet feet were in thar, I’m sure they left ther mark…

 I’d LOOOVVV ta stroke his big toe, or the lil”l one that barks…

 But Laura warned me, touch them lightly, cuz if ya tug too hard…HE FARTS ! ! ! (I’ve always been a Janice Joplin fan. )  


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