(This is written in my “HICK HUMOR” lingo, because It helps calm me down and give me and the reader a laugh. If you find the phonetic lingo too difficult to comprehend….”BITE ME ! !”

30 JULY 2007 – Well, Well, Well, What would my wondering eyes should appear…but a news article explaining the kind and friendly hospitality, being received by a pair of paint-ball looking recreationists who visited the National Guard Military Training Camp, in Indiantown Gap, Pa.  

They brought their “Butterfly Nets”, and were receiving  an invite to; “spend the day and roam the grounds all you like” from a magnanimous Lt. Col…… who should be strip seached for enemy warfare training paraphernalia and anti-American biological warfare training films!! 

Now why shouldn’t the nice men have a free run of the camp?????

Because…NUMNUTS !….they told the nice LT. Col. That they are butterfly study people. The one said he was a biology scientist and t’other one said he was a wildlife manager person.

Welllllll that sounds nice and in’cent right ? WRONG !! One who studies insects is named a “IkTHE O’THERJIST”  (“Ichtheologist”- hello…I’m her spell-check and I can’t stand one more gross grammatical abortion of our language…I truly Might BITE HER!) ,  …and they don’t have nottin ta do wit scientists. They are strikly BUGGY PEOPLE. And Mr. Wildlife don’t even no that butterflies are BUGS!! 

There they were, with their 6 foot long butterfly poles, wit nets on the end, justa roamin around the 17,000 acres playin “MAPMAN AND ROBIN” !! 

What the H- – -(OK…HAY!) was this “lower than a dumbsh – -“  thinkin he was doin ?!! Our BOYS are at that camp and this “BIMBO” breaches security and invites 2 questionaby honest civi – strangers to mosey ‘round if they like!

Did you take a LOOK at their butterfly net?? It had a 18-24 inch long, cone shaped net at the end of a 5-6 ft. pole. That NET…if filled with a plastic liner, could be thrown over the head of an unsuspecting G.I. and with a quick twist/spin of the pole, could tighten up at the neck, DRAG HIM INTO THE BUSH AND leave the attacker a safe 5-6 ft. away at ta ‘othah end of the pole….holdin down the suffocating victim….SO, YOU GOTTA WEAPON BUBBA !!! 

What kind of High-Alert, Home-Land-Security, Military Preparedness could NOT SEE this danger????!!!!! Can’t you guys do anathin without the womenfoke guiding ya? 

Then I cum ta find out that they bin doin this since 1998 and now they bring all their friends for the day. By now…they have mos’ likely mapped all 17,000 acres, know every path and connection, know every building function and location and inventory, know every personnel count during ev’ry hour of 24 surveilence, have mini cams set up in ev’ry sector, have tape recorders set up in ev’ry phone,  bunk, mess and officers quarters and office, have ev’ry butterfly sprayed with a contamination residue that slowly penetrates the skin and results in blood poisoning or some horror or who knows how many more fatal trespasses an enemy of the US could accomplish with dimwits breaching security for civi-strangers. 

Next…the best news…they have delivered butterflies to another military camp, just to see if they could survive boot…AND they already lined up a 3rd military post in Gettysburg, Pa to make it a “THIRD COLONY” (of butterflies? Or paint-ballers?)

Can ya not see that suspicious circumstances exist here? Why military camps? Why the most remote densely wooded camps, Why the largest acreage that could, act’uly serve as a theater of civil war front, in the event of an aggressive take-over attempt!!

I’m SO MAD about this, I can’t even take time to try to sound STUPID !!! 

This is a prime example of how unequipped our “HOME-LAND-SECURITY” Dept. of airhead numnuts and airport skitzoids are, about realizing WHERE AND HOW they should be looking at increasing security INSIDE OUR BORDERS!

The enemy is not goin ta be flyin US AIR !! They are already here and can build anathin ya want ta waste more time on while yer lookin inside ev’ry ship cargo containers!! They have so-o-o much ALREADY prepared…they barely haf ta wait. 

Where the Hay are our troops?? OUT of town on assignment protectin other coun’ries people!!  No wonder the G.I.’S are gettin cranky !!!They sign on ta protect THIS coun’ry not risk their butts holdin down the firein at some other coun’ry asses and governments! Their lives are bein risked and lost ….FOR WHATTTTT!!!! 


Yes! This IS a BONAFIDE NATURAL BORN FEMALE writing this, 58 year old LADY, named DAWN NARET’ of Pittsburgh, Pa, who is fightin the US front alone…with NO HELP…and I am NOT a male, pretending to be a female!!!!!

THAT would be THE one who is the most predatory stalker, I have had to protect my identity from being COMPLETELY stolen by and/or at best even destroying my reputation!!

(In fact, I see that the stalker has already set up access at this blog site. I can tell that he has been trying to take credit for my work again, cause he has changed the style print from what I use to the one he prefers.)

–  COMMENT ADDED AUG. 8, 2007, by Dawn Naret’  I’ll fight them all, with the truth, if I have to. Their terrorism, political manipulations and criminal activities are NOT sailing past ME as they are passing by those by who have about as much discernment and evaluating ability as a turd looking for the flusher to get rid of the stink in the bathroom !!!

Get your dam noses out of the airports and get busy on the things that already ARE destroying this country and terrorizing our citizens.

If you really DON’T have a clue I’ll teach you, But only AFTER I show you all the physical injuries I have already sustained, IN REALITY on this civilian WAR front !!!!!!     




I am not comfortable with “HOME FOR THE LATTE” HOME SECURITY FORCES! They are one track minded on the wrong track and don’t know squat about where are the citizens here most vulnerable to enslavement or injury!

I live it ev’ry day and I could write a book on all the anti-American activity occurring right here…right now…even in our government offices! 


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