I have had an excessive number of reasons to write complaints of abuse and foul treatment, to the administrative and executive management of Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit Co.

Copies of some examples will be posted for public awareness of these abuses.

My concern is becoming much more than annoyance, as their tactics become much more predatory and harmful to personal health and general well being.

I am talking about the on-going efforts, of some criminal cooperatives, to assist; a local, national and possibly global criminal cartel, in the INTENTIONAL pulling down and destroying of health, reputation and freedom of honorable U.S. Citizens’ lives, EVEN to include the INTENTIONAL criminalization of their reputation, through fabrication and false witnessing.

The major motivating factor, seems to be initialized with the stealing and selling of the identities of the “U.S. Citizen” who are their “victims”.

What I intend to do, is to relate one personal, most recent experience of abuse, by a Pittsburgh Port Authority bus driver, connect that, or show the similarity and pattern of It, to a previous abuse, by a different P.A.T. employee and show the correlation of these 2 abuses, with a third and forth P.A.T. experience that involved trespass and invasion of privacy.

Then, I intend to unwind the 4 separate recordings of information and reveal a local, regional and possibly global criminal connection, with a visible pattern of intention; modus operandi and preparations, with intention to seize; local, regional and possibly national Governments, on a global scale.
It has been primarily a black movement of a neo-cottage industry of crime in the U.S., but has recently been enacted by whites, who were recruited by blacks, to cover up the black initialization of the criminal activity.

Again, it is only one avenue of the criminal activity, occurring in the U.S., that is intended to progress to the full extent of the plan, which I believe, is to total break down of our economy, our Judicial System and our Democracy.

Evidences of these results are already clear enough, that the U.S. Government can no longer even deny their existence.
What they DO still deny, is that it is being accomplished, by U.S. Citizens, attempting to seize the U.S. Government, for what they have been dishonestly lead to believe, will be a fully free Democracy that will be totally controlled, managed and operated, for the full benefit and dispersement of all opportunity to Black Americans.

This is not such a bad idea…..if you are black. But a contradiction of term arises with the word “Democracy” where only blacks are intended to enjoy the freedoms.

What they are actually accomplishing, in their endeavors to “Take Control”, is a consistently progressive break down, of the existence of “Democracy”, by violating the Constitutional Rights, Human Rights and Civil rights of every “Victim” they attack.

This break down is occurring whether the attack is with their usual “ground-forces mode” of slander, false witnessing, accusations of illegal technological associations and activities, or of a more criminal and genocidal nature, which uses excessive electrical computer technology, now in combination with biological contaminants, and in an illegal predatory, reckless and dangerous manner toward humans.

They are functioning as separate groups, with varying levels of activity and involvement. They receive funding from both separate and in some cases, are double tapping from the same funders, as the other, by impersonating the other. This is creating even more havoc through their inept, inefficient abilities, of the function that they are not efficiently imitating, of the others.

Their trespassing into the illegal experimentation of others, and combining the harmful effects of both their own amateur or imitated additions, in an effort to replace those who fund them, by initiating with their own out-sourcing and leasing or selling of access portals, of the victims, for income opportunities or to replace those who serve in the more advanced levels of “ground-force modes” of expanding the geographical periphery of the operation and acquiring control of the illegal technological experimentations and assaults, that are already trespassing into the environment of the victims, are combined and now expanded, as their intimidation and modeling or apeing acts constitute an “instigation to compel a response”, from the victim, and results in the compounding, of the harmful results ON the “Victims”, through misevaluation of the initial illegal experimenters’ observations.

They lease out access and then destroy the accuracy of the findings of the leasee. The leasee then, in fact becomes another victim with professional abilities placed in suspect and critisized for inaccuracies.

They are hounded, stalked and trespassed on, in their home and work place, with virtual surveilance, slandered and ridiculed until their career is ended in shame, bankruptcy is filed, court issues are mounting, Drivers license, especially in Pennsylvania, will be inappropriately canceled and State I.D. ordered turned, an imposter will begin to present themselves, in public, acting insane, lewd or committing criminal acts, the leasee will be forced to flee the state and attempt to change their name, possibly assume a stolen identity, to avoid harm or embarrassement, they are marked with virtual locating technology and leases are sold to give access to their physical bodies for profit. Much discomfort and deterioration to physical health will manifest itself quickly, as well as physhological symptoms of post traumatic syndrom and terrorization. There is NO POSIBILITY of a diagnosis of “paranoia”, which is the most frequently jumped to incorrect assumption, mad by amateure evaluators, because paranoia is a state of believing a delusion.

If these activities are in fact occurring, in their lives, and they are planned, intentional acts being conducted by a physical human against them, then there does not exist an imagined delusion. It is real, it is Physical, it is not a delusion, it is not paranoia.

If the victim manages to cope enough to even resist committing suicide, then the victim has a very strong mental status and cannot be considered mentally deficient, WHAT SO EVER ! !

At another point, the leasor will decide that he has made all the profit there is available, at this time, or will reach a point of needing immed. cash flow. They may sell the control and surveilence of the victim, to another, profiteer, lease them indefinetely to more dangerous experimentation, sell them to a nursing home to serve as a replacement for a dead patient that they want to keep collecting payment from, sell them to a phych. facility that leases them for research, uses them as replacements for lost patients, uses them for increases gov. funded treatment payments, etc. etc. depending on what the need of the buyer is. Many of these facilities are told that all is legal, with permission granted by family. Many don’t care.

If they just get a sale for the assumed identity, the victim must be locked away, out of the way or put away permanently, then there is always a second sale available for the cadaver and body donor parts.

The new buyer sometimes becomes another victim, because the seller has blackmail leverage over them, if they are living under a stolen identity, so, the seller now has the cash of the sale and another whole life the disassemble, buck by buck.

It is also possible that they may get a chance to live a fairly normal, though enslaved life, if at some point a criminal recruiter will approach them to offer an opportunity for some income and they may be recruited to infiltrate somewhere in their field of knowledge and slander employees, on a “hit list” or destroy customer service and income at a business also on a hit list.

The leasors or sellers obsessive, though inept, profiteering and physical attempt to take over the life and the “system”, that controls the Golden Goose (the U.S. Citizen victim), is now killing the Golden Goose with incompatible head-butting of the excessive volume access portals and the introduction of excessive biological contaminants and carcinogens.

The initial operators, of the system, had no malevolent intentions and did not recruit these profiteers to be involved. But, trespassers and imitators of the originals, began the changes and variations that led to the lethal situation that exists today.

The earlier operators, though conducting illegal research through non-approved trespass, on the victims’ physical bodies, cannot even recognize the system today, due to multiple levels of variation and combined changes and some backward functionality and so, have no comprehension of how to operate within it or evaluate what they mistakenly believe are the visible results of the causes and effects, induced by them and others, without their knowledge.

The purpose of the initial motivation to solicit and fund the presence and involvement, of these newer, separate groups, was done by impersonators, of the first, for the purpose of providing the “MARKING”, of the victims, to be identified; stalked and “tracked” by this virtual technology group funding the “ground-force” markers, because the imitators, who solicited them, did not have the original master access to locate the marks without the “ground-forces” physical involvement and assistance.

As these most recent imitators attempt to replace their employers, they solicit interested parties to gain portal access through them, and not through their employers.
They then step completely away from the portal access purpose and focus on victimizing the new contractee, who is now funding them directly, by stalking and impersonating the new contractee, until they can consume and take over the industry, of the contractee, as well as placing the blame for the trespasses, onto the contractee and onto their initial employer, by “marking the individuals associated with the contractee and including them in the stream of victims receiving fatal exposure to the system.

They perform illegal terrorism by demanding “protection money”, or payment from the contractee, to stop the stalking and marking of them and to remove them from the fatal stream of the virtual transmissions.

They have now created a separate entity industry of illegal income opportunity for themselves and this is only one of thousands of “getting a piece”, that is opened up through just this one new entity of opportunity for corrupt involvement through cooperating criminal groups, working in separate association, but assisting each other to culminate a profitable opportunity for all the associated groups.

These steps, of the criminal system, are being enacted all over the country. Everyday they recruit more and more individuals to grab a piece of the opportunity by paying the recruiter for access, and every one recruited becomes a new portal of the access they bought, so the “WEB OF CORRUPTION AND EVIL INTENTION” is literally spreading and suffocating the entire globe.

It begins with one individual U.S. Citizen victim.
They are in effect, now murdering these “Victims”.
How “Democratic” is that ? What does all this have to do with Port Authority?

They have, in my opinion, been infiltrated, by criminal members of this system, that has been using them for numerous conveniences and benefits to their criminal activities, through the available access to U.S. Citizen’s Identities and personal information that are now part of P.A.T. administrative procedures and have institutionalized themselves, as an entity of underground authority, within Port Authority.

They hold underground, super-ceding decision making power, and controling power over its own co-operating employees and they hold terroristic, job sabotaging power over P.A.T.’S loyal, non-co-operating employees.

What ever policy or command a loyal supervisor gives, will be changed by the underground leader and therefore,not obeyed. They obey the underground local leader instead of the instruction of the supervisor. It becomes an underground take-over first, as they get rid of all the loyal employees and supervisors and until they destroy the financial stability of the industry.

They do this with intentionally bad customer service, law suits and increased overhead expenses from pilferage and intentional destructions.Then it becomes the physical possessor of the industry, while the original files bankruptcy or fails, or is taken to prison on framed-up charges, where the criminal group will all stick together and give joint testimony agaist them, if they could not first lure them into committing an terminationable act or some other discrepancy. If they did nothing wrong, a complaint will be fabricated and backed up by all.

There does seem to be a terrorizing with stories of “victims and non-co-operatives” being murdered. Let me give a short modus operandi of the activities that identify a classical “Victim” patternization of activity.

My most recent has been from the Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit Co., and I will relate the details of that, after a brief background education to those having this situation revealed to them, for the first time.

I will use myself and my own first hand knowledge and experiences to show a small portion of the “system” at work. Port Authority is not where it begins, but in my case, it is where it began to get ugly and predatory, with attempted criminalization of an innocent citizen.

The major motivating factor, seems to be, the stealing and selling of the “U.S. Citizen” identities, of their victims. How could a bus company possibly be involved in such a theoretic accusation? They don’t even KNOW your I.D. ! …you might say.

Well, I have bad news for you. They have manuvered themselves, or been maneuvered into adopting a system that opens into an access point of obtaining personal I.D. of the poor people and the disabled people.

Again, the major motivating factor, seems to be, the stealing and selling of the identities of “U.S. Citizens”, who are their victims. But that is only the initiation point of the profiteering. They go further with seeking buyers of the I.D. first, then surveilence of the inside of the house and job site, to observe for habits and possible black-mail items, then there is also a side market for disposal of physical possessions during bankruptcy, of property, of children, of re-sale of the victim as a portal access income, as spare body parts and cadavers, etc., etc., etc, many groups getting in on the opportunities.

This particular expose’, is not about identity theft, and yet it ties together loose ends of some very troubling mysteries that have both initiated at the Port Authority Bus Transit Company, although, I am sure that it does not limit itself to that facility or its “corrupt” staff members.

THIS one involves a black female driver, who repratedly refuses to pick up riders who have shopping carts or require use of the hudraulic lift, if they cannot pull the cart up steps, or simply cannot manage steps, dur to physical limitations.

This woman pulled the bus up to me, a disabled heart and lung patient, on social security, and refused to lower the lift for me, while I was standing in the rain.

She gave excuses of ,”The lift is only for wheel chairs”, and one or two other lame comments, but she did not lower the lift. Instead, she made me stand, in the rain, while she called her supervisor and gave an exagerated, fabricated account of the status of the request and wanted his permission to refuse me access.

I waited while she was on the phone and then she suddenly hung up the phone and grabbed her purse and exited the bus. She walked around in a circle or two, while I gazed in confusion, as to what the supervisor had to say, and was forced to wait yet further, in the rain, for the lift to be offered.
I did not say a word, and had 2 friends standing with me who wanted to tell her what they thought of her cruel treatment toward me, in response to yet another excuse from her of why she felt that I was making an inappropriate request, but I advised them to say nothing and just watch and listen.

I advised them so, because I forsaw now, the workings of her mind as she re-entered the bus, pulled 2 black riders over to the drivers seat, and entered into conversation, while writing on a paper.

I knew both instinctively and from P.A.T. corrupt employee previous experience, that she was recruiting witnesses. She and I had had no conversation, other than me requesting the lift and she refusing with 2-3 excuses. What would she need witnesses for?

Then, the passengers were advised, by her to exit the bus and connect with some other bus at this corner. Now, the passengers were definetely being inconvenienced and I had not gained access to the bus, or prevented it from leaving without me.

What relevance would this have? It “De Ja Vued” to me a previous experience of abuse, from a black male P.A.T. employee, John Dorsey,P.A.T. Security guard, Whom I would personally consider as a corrupt employee, because that one found me dozing on the bus and started beating on me to wake up and ordering me to get off the bus immediately.

When I awakened, in a panic to find a strange black man practically laying on me, with his full body, I started hollering that I am turning in a formal complaint of this abuse and would not leave the bus until I was given full identity on him and on the driver, who witnessed the abuse.

He withheld I.D., on the driver, which was against company rules and delayed my leaving the bus. Then he signed a complaint, with the magistrates office to have me cited for “Disorderly Conduct” for complaining about the abuse and not leaving the bus without information necessary to file the official complaint, and of course to cover up the truth of the abuse.
He also advised the operator to “put her on the list”, which I also complained about and could get no explanation of what list.

I fought this deplorable action in court and it is still on appeal, with the Pa Superior Court. I personaly prepared the “brief” which clearly proves, in his own words of testimony, that he perjured himself in more than one instance.

But, the similarity struck me, after gaining an acute new knowledge of exactly what the charge of “Disorderly Conduct” entails, because I cited it, in its entirety, to prove that my true actions, in no way were conducting an act of “Disorderly Conduct”.

I was obviously not doing anything lewd or violent, but they tried to argue that I had caused service to be interrupted and created an inconvenience to the other customers. The driver had reached the end of the line, all other customers had exited and he discovered me, still on the bus dozing.

He called security to be advised as to how to wake this lady, at the end of the line, and John Dorsey came out to personaly handle the matter in a most despicable manner. From the moment the driver noticed me, there were no other passengers on the bus.
But John Dorsey lied and said that there were other passengers and they were being inconvenienced.

Now, I am witnessing this black female driver, I did not even ask her name, because we had had no conversation, but she is seeking to recruit witnesses….Why?I envision the possibility of her also lying, and falsely accusing me of holding up the bus and inconveniencing other customers.

Because she DID have other customers, on her bus, but it was HER decision to stall and take time to call the supervisor and it was Her decision to flee off the bus and it was HER decision to advise riders to transfer to another bus….


Thank God ! ! A proper, honorable, P.A.T. employee, a supervisor yet, who probably barely survived the slander and corrupt activities, of this gang, who were trying to get rid of all the good employees and replace them with more of their own abusers and liars.

He called her on her lies and came out in person and discovered me, an honorably dressed, intelligent, calm, polite, disabled lady with 2 adolescent children with her, and absolutely none of the situation as it was described to him on the phone! Even the 2 young ones were conservatively dressed, college students, in calm, polite composure, who were just “watching and listening”.

He ordered her to lower the lift and apologized to me for MY inconvenience. He offered to physically assist me onto the bus, but I explained to him, that after watching and listening to this lady, I witnessed very inappropriate actions and comments and did not feel safe to ride with her.

I chose to wait for the next bus, which was a black male and where there were no questions asked, because the driver was obeying normal company policy, which does not refuse riders or access for disabled people.

He was also proving that not all the black drivers were obeying these sinister secret leaders of malevilent intent to sabotage both their employers and the customers of their employers. In all fairness, I also want to clarify that I have been abused by white P.A.T. drivers also.

I have watched and listened and asked some questions, at times of “who told you that this is a company practice or policy?”, and have come to a theory that it is these company sabotagers, who include some corrupt security employees, who when giving new hire orientation teach them, “why the rider is the enemy and how we handle the enemy”.

It was them, who trained the drivers to call for any trivial matter, even if it is an innocent, sleeping, disabled lady, who just needs to be woken up.

I believe that it is possible that they are attempting to create the appearence of a need, for themselves to stay as a budgeted department, on the county payroll.

They also started advising the new drivers that they have the right to refuse access to anyone that they feel is going to present a problem, even disabled people and especially people with shopping carts.

They were teaching them excuses, such as “They are a danger”, “They cannot block the aisle”, “you must empty it out and fold it up”……etc, etc, etc, of bull… excuses that are impossible inconveniences and nothing more than refusal to give access to public transportation and harrassment.

They were calling the parking of a cart in front of a bench, speacial needs seat, where it stuck out no more than a persons knees, as “blocking the asile” and yet they have no hesitation of piling in illegal excessive numbers of passengers, who have to stand in the asile and block every inch of it with their crunched, unhygienic bodies, where the cart left a full clear path to walk passed it in without turning sideways.

Where was the obstruction being caused by the cart? I had many experiences where they ordered me off the bus if I did not fold it uo (where the heck am I going to put all the things in it…in my lap? ! !) or if I didn’t go stand at the back door with it, (I am cardiac and lung disabled…I should be sitting down by the front door).

I did go to the back door one time when I was having a better than usual day, physically, and did not want any harrassment, and as I was pressed into the back door, with the cart parked next to me, the driver opened the back door, while the bus was moving, and I and my cart almost flew right out the door, had I not had one hand on a railing there! ! ABUSIVE ! !

Through these excessively numerous bad experiences, with bus drivers, I have always maintained that these are not the policies of P.A.T. and they are only the bad activities of corrupt employees.

While I was waiting for approval of SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), I was forced, by bad health putting me out of the job market income solution to any of my financial problems, to stay in a temporary Women’s Shelter and go on Public Welfare. My bad health status banned me from a job income solution to any financial problems.

Welfare, in PA, has a MAXIMUM of $200.00 per month cash and $149.00 per month food stamp allotment. There is NO HOUSING BENEFIT OR ASSISTANCE. The $200/mo is all there is toward that or any other needs.

At one time, while forced to survive with this impossible budget, I found that I had no avail. cash to take the bus to a Doctor appointment. Someone informed me that P.A.T. had a program for the needy, that would give you a one trip ride to appointments.

I went down to the P.A.T. downtown office and spoke to a middle-aged black female who acknowledged the program and asked me to present proof of financial need with my Welfare “ACCESS” card. I gave her the card, expecting her to call the Welfare office to verify that it was current and active, but what she did was, place the card in a telephone hand-set and dial a number that connected to a system that read the bar-code on my ACCESS card and began verbalizing a recording, that I could hear, that was giving her ALL the private information, contained in my Welfare file.

This would include AL IDENTITY INFORMATION, including children’s names, burthdates, name of bank, account number etc., etc., etc. You can imagine all the info. Welfare required, before it accepted a new recipient.

I sat there stunned and furious, that she was able to access ALL this private information for a $2.00 bus pass. How could they legally demand and have right to such a private card information system, for just a $2.00 bus pass?? It truely IS a CRIMINAL INVASION OF PRIVACY ! !

Then, When I first got approved for SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), I was told that I would recieve Social Security Cash benefit immediately, but I would not be entitled to be covered by Medicare for 2 years!
Now, when investigation, by the social security has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am chronically ill, and will progress to terminally ill within “2-3 years, it progresses rapidly”, and cannot ever work again… they decide that I am forbidden to receive medical coverage for 2 years ! !

Are they hoping we will all just die off by them and save on the budget?

I mean NO MEDICAL COVERAGE. At the moment that Social Security completes its investigation, of all your medical records and possible interviews, and approves you for SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), the same day, the State of Pa cuts you off of ALL benefits of cash welfare and State Medicaid Medical coverage.

They leave only one benefit available to you, from the State Social Services Treasury, and that is a MAXIMUM of $10.00 per month food stamp assistance.

Now aside from that atrocity, the point is that SSDI is not given easily. The evidence of your health status has been FULLY investigated. My relevance for bringing up the ugly truths, that you may not have been aware of, is that upon being labeled as “disabled”, you are entitled to free public transportation through Medicare contribution and PA Lotto Senior Citizens Contribution.

When I was first approved for SSDI, I was informed that at least I could get a half off discount, for disabled, until I came under coverage by Medicare, 2 years later. Then, upon recieving my Medicare card, I would have full free public transportation benefit, by just showing the card. To get the half fare discount, I just had to show proof of SSDI, while I waited for medicare coverage, instead of paying the $60.00 per month for a monthly paid pass, which I had been doing on the $200.00 budget.

I took my letter of approval, for SSDI, to the office of Port Authority, Pittsburgh, Pa, Downtown and requested a special pass. I was told, by a black female clerk, that I had to fill out an application, approx. 4 pages, and provide all doctors names, hospital names and all personal and private information on the application.

I was stymied by this second invasion of privacy and asked why they could not just accept my proof of SSDI approval letter? I was told that there was no way I could get a half-off disabled pass, without providing all the information required on the P.A.T. application forms.

I recalled the first invasion of my privacy, by them, and I was not willing to give them all my Doctors names, etc. that was absolutely none of their business and already investigated by the federal SSDI investigation Team. Who were they to second-guess the Federal people and duplicate their work? It was already done ! ! Why should they have more access to more private information ? ! ! I did not fill out the application, and left.

It never entered my mind, that there did exist the possibility of an IDENTITY THEFT situation, with all that invasion of privacy. But it IS possible now, I see, that the first seizing of info from my ACCESS card, was possibly stored in a criminal cartel data base of IDENTITIES OF U.S. CITIZENS, and may have been sold or violated several times since.

It enters my mind now, because, the black, male P.A.T. Security Guard, who was hitting me on the bus, John Dorsey, accepted my drivers license to call in a check on my police record, at my invitation, when I said, “I would be very happy if you called in my Identity, so you can verify that I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD and that I am an honorable citizen, who does NOT deserve this treatment ! !”.

He called in, what I assumed was an official police operator, to give my license number and also instructed her to “better put her on the list”, then refused to tell me what list he was talking about.

But, when I recieved the citation, from the magistrates office, one sheet of the documents involved in that conflict, listed my address as the bridge housing Women’s shelter, that I had moved into, while waiting for SSDI.

I had never used this address on my license or for my mail. It could only have been revealed by the staff at the housing dorms or the Welfare Department Records.

My current legal mailing address was on the PA drivers license, I presented to him. The address, he gave to the Magistrate, was from then, an illegal data base of U.S. Citizens IDENTITIES.The P.A.T. bus clerk had put my ACCESS Card info onto data storage. Was this proof of an illegal connection of IDENTITY INFO COLLECTION AND STORAGE? There was no other way he could have had this address. It was not the address listed on the drivers license.

I believe that I may have some very important information here for the F.B.I. and C.I.A. on all my personal experiences involving abuse, discovery of fraud and corruption and victimization of U.S.Citizens.

What the HECK ? ……….What is she talking about ?……….Where does she get these ideas ? …….

My body contains damage and scars from these “virtual” attacks and experimentation.

I have read articles, in journals of scientific experimentation and research, that coincidentally correspond with my physical and environmental experiences conditions and damages.

I have listened to black conversations, witnessed black patterns of activity and suffered social and physical injury from these attacks.

My “Honorable Citizen” record now contains pleas and appeals, to the Judicial Courts, for assistance in averting additional repercussions of “Victimization”.

I could go on and on with more “NON-Delusional” examples, but why bother?

My personal case is only one example of a global threat and active aggression, that IS IN ACTION, against millions of global citizens especially in the U.S., at this moment, and is of far more priority than my personal loss of health, right to exist and right to pursue happiness, to expose the horrendous truth, if ther are to be any survivers of this demented, doomed species called humans..

In a “nut” shell, I call it that because we have over a million “NUT CASES”, both black and white, running around the U.S., actively taking part in the “criminal activity” and not fully understanding where it is all intended to lead, but are convinced that they must stay on the “Band Wagon”, or get lost as one of the “Victims”.

Or, they foolishly, have bought the lure of recruiters, and believe the false promise that it will lead to a “Black Controlled American Democracy”.

Or, they don’t give a hoot about the politics, of the situation and are just running on “MILITANT HATRED” and have found an excuse to both profit and hold their inhuman attitudes as valid.

There are other motivating factors, but this is not the textbook I need to write on “Global Psychological Warfare With Aggressive Technological Sen-Surround Influencial Convincing”.

(to be cont’d – by Dawn Naret’)


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