I have been concerned alot about the 1-sided equality of rights being given to non-smokers.

I am a smoker, admitted..confessed..BUT, still qualifying as an American Citizen protected by the Constitution of the

United States.

Why have I been banished by a large segment of society that does not smoke? I have not banished them…Why would they wish to banish me?

I see great validity in non-smokers complaint that they are afraid that smoking is dangerous to their health. Surely we have all read the surgeon General’s Reports. We have also read that the tobacco industry has been investigated for adding over 400 chemicals to their product.

Were they ever fined?

Did they ever have to pay increased tobacco tax for various city or state expenditures?

Are they still putting all that unnecessesary chemical additive into their product?

Have they been banished to conduct their work 15 feet from the building?

These are valid points that I do not believe are getting enough attention in this “Smokers vs. Non-Smokers” conflict of mushrooming issues and restriction creating passtime of the non-smokers.

Granted, we have been told of the dangers of smoking.

But is it still a legal product to use?

Is it still a free choice to consume?

Is it a right of the smokers to smoke or not to smoke?

Is it a right of the smokers to have their health considered and protected, if necessary, by new rules and by-laws even though they choose to “endanger” their health with by smoking?

How about by drinking?

If they choose to consume a legal product that could endanger their health, could they lose their rights of protection in other arenas relating to health?

If they choose to drink, are their rights to health protection waived?

What about their alcohol breath?

Could it be inhaled by us and therefore make us drunk or vulnerable to cirrhosis of the liver, if we stand face to face and breath enough of their alcohol breath? (I have definitely detected a foul scent of alcohol on my clothing after spending too much time standing next to a drinker, or standing in a drinking arena).

Could there be such a thing as second-hand alcoholism or related illnesses?

Or even second-hand bad-breath?

I, personally, have never been convinced of the “second-hand smoke” theories. My personal opinion has been that there are far too many toxic contaminants and untoward effects of technologies, in the environment, that no one is addressing adequately or honestly.

I believe that Smoking has become the “fall guy” of an excuse for why are so many of our citizens becoming ill? I believe that someone, possibly trying to buffalo the E.P.A., said, “not us…we didn’t do it”, and blamed it on the smokers.

But why are even NON-smokers getting ill? Oh !! That’s the ticket !! Second-Hand Smoke !! Of course !! Blame it on “second-hand smoke” !!

Well if smoke vapors can enter the lungs of a NON-smoker and create illness…could not alcohol vapors also be entering your lungs and also exist as a health danger??

Should we have “drinking” and “NON-drinking” party areas at the office or in restaurants?

Should we load all new tax income collections onto the alcohol consumption products?

Should we banish the first, second and third martini to be consumed outside the building…at least 15 feet from the door?

Should we run help-wanted ads inviting only NON-drinkers to apply?

Should we run house for rent ads inviting only NON-drinkers to inquire?

Would these actions not be viewed as discriminatory? Would they not be viewed as prejudice? Would they be taking a personal dislike of one NON-drinkers preference and using it to violate the equal-rights of the drinkers’ preference?

These are serious issues, that have been debated, with rhetoric upon rhetoric upon memorized, repetitious rhetoric. I am tired of hearing the same old memorized lines of debate coming out of the mouths of previously intelligent folks who were never against the constitutional rights of anyone.

My right to health considerations are just as valid and deserving as those considerations for the health of a NON-smoker.

Because I smoke, Does anyone have the right to banish me to the outside of a building, in ALL inclimate weather conditions with no shelter from the rain, the snow or the temperature with a lack of comfortable and hygienic seating conditions, just because the NON-smokers are concerned about their health.

What about MY health? Am I not now, forcibly being exposed to and vulnerable to becoming too chilled, too rained on, too frozen, to unrelaxed or break-rested? Might I even now be more vulnerable to catching a cold or developing pneumonia or receiving an over-exposure to exhaust fumes in the street?

Why is MY health considered any less valuable, to warrant receiving less protection, than the health of a NON-smoker?

Why is the solution to their personal health concern going to be to eliminate any concern for MY health?

Do you have any idea, those who do not smoke, just how many illnesses are resulting from the inconvenience of being thrown out into the street, every time you want to have a cigarette?

Do you realize that Jobs ARE being withheld from smokers!

Do you realize that Housing IS being refused to smokers !

Do you agree that these are “inalienable rights” protected by the constitution?

Do you want your inalienable rights ripped away?

Do you think you have any right to rip away the constitutional rights of others?

I really do not think that most NON-smokers are trying to destroy the rights that the constitution grants to ALL citizens. I believe that a force of rhetoric and terroristic media have brought many of them to the brink of a state of paranoia with cigarettes and cigarette smokers.

First it was separate areas, in the same room demands. OK, smokers are considerate people, no problem. We did not want to cause them any discomfort. Next, it was separate rooms. Now hold on…we will miss socializing with you…but, if it makes you happy…Then it was outside the building. This is where the serious violations and symptoms of paranoia began exposing themselves. Now it is at least 15 feet from the building as their latest demand…..Where does it end??????

The symptomology of continued complaint and instant gratification demands and expectation are now becoming a mental stability concern for the NON-smokers. Why is enough never enough?? Once they receive cooperation and pacification, they return again…and again…and again…with the same complaint and new, more expanded, more controlling, more discriminatory, more banishment oriented demands than those of the last time. And nothing new has occurred to validate a repeat of the complaint, to begin with, whatsoever. Where does it end? It has become, already, a violation of constitutional rights. Does it have to become assassination or deportment to a leper island to satisfy their now obsessive control and segregation issues?

What have they done to these poor NON-smoking intelligent people, to cause these very serious mental health related symptoms to be emerging more and more strongly with every discriminatory demand they repeat their obsession with? These were GOOD people. How did they become so discriminatory and self-centered that they are now willing to violate the constitutional rights of everyone in the country?

I am sure that a reality check, by those who have been steam-rolling with the rhetoric command post, will see the ugly portrait that is developing of their now highly suspicious efforts.

Soon, people will not feel comfortable socializing with them, because they have a tendency to these obsessive/compulsive discriminatory mental health issues.

I am not a prejudiced person, but could you please have your NON-smoking campaign at least 15 feet from the building? We are trying to erase the errors, committed against smokers, and to put an END to the violations of everyone’s constitutional rights, before they are a lost and obsolete memory of Democracy.


Thank you for smoking, Dawn Naret’, Author of “WE THE PEOPLE” blogsite:www.dawnnaret.blogspot.comwww.dawnnaret.blog.comtext.reply2dn@gmail.comreply2dn@gmail.comdawnaret@yahoo.co.ukdnaret@gmail.com

P.O. Box 2315, Pittsburgh, PA





  1. Jim says:

    Several good points were made, in consideration of the lower classed citizens, we smokers,who are th children and grand children of many of those who built this country,that were smokers!

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